Our Story

The Bel Age collection of shops started in San Diego's Mission Hills, and quickly grew into a vast treasure chest layered with one-of-a-kind pieces and unique finds. As the boutiques grew, so did the attention from style connoisseurs worldwide. Bel Age specializes in hand-made, limited editions, and awe-inspiring accessories; all created for women who crave their own Signature Style. 
Le Bel Age Boutique is the original in our family of shops. Located at 1607 West Lewis Street, this cozy and ornate shop focuses on bohemian glamour for all ages. Often referred to as the "little sister" store, Le Bel Age has decorative offerings in a range of price points.
Chateau Bel Age is the social clubhouse of the Bel Age collection. Found in a converted house at 1578 West Lewis Street, Chateau is where you can find high end fashion pieces filling multiple rooms, all bursting with chic charm. Chateau is the official Bel Age event space and home of the Jennafer Grace kimono. Cozy fireplace, velvet couches, and Champagne included. 
Owner and Curator of Bel Age...
Valerie Lee Ferrari is a well-respected female business owner in San Diego, founding and operating Le Bel Age single handedly since 1983. Since then she successfully opened her sister store, Chateau Bel Age, curating a high end shopping event experience. 
Valerie was raised in Coronado and had the unique experience of growing up in the Hotel Del Coronado. She is a graduate of Coronado High School and has close ties to the San Diego community. Growing up amongst creatives, she found the inspiration she needed to design her own eclectic fashion empire. 
Valerie shared her knowledge as a teacher for Fashion Careers of California, under the direction of Pat O'Connor and taught classes in Business Management, Contemporary Culture, and Visual Merchandising. Her interaction with her students gave her a broad perspective in working with several walks of life; experience she still carries with her today.